Great Choices Series: Blueprints for Your Future


Blueprints for College and Career

Blueprints for Your Future: College and Career greets middle and junior high students with a startling message: It is time to get ready for high school, college, and career. Through drawing, researching, and comparing career interests, students learn to apply basic planning strategies as they build an adaptable plan for the future. This workbook helps students navigate the transition to middle school, gain a vision for high school readiness and find meaning in their activities and studies.



Blueprints for Classes

In Blueprints for Your Future: Classes, students build on their career plan by investigating four basic pathways to career goals: colleges and universities, community colleges and vocational schools, military service, and apprenticeships. Students learn the concrete steps they can take now to be ready for the many opportunities available during high school. This workbook gives early middle and junior high school students a framework for building a meaningful high school readiness plan.



Blueprints for Studying

Blueprints for Your Future: Studying embraces the reality that studying takes a big step forward in middle school. As students become more independent in their daily school life, they must take more responsibility for their learning. This workbook helps students develop the perspective and the study tools appropriate to the young mind. With practical instructions, activities, and exercises, students create a plan for improved learning in one or more of their classes.



Blueprints for Activities

Blueprints for Your Future: Activities combines the fun of active involvement with the importance of learning habits of success. Students explore possible activity choices by working through a comparison model. Following a simple but effective goal setting process, students will then identify and balance their priorities and interests, and develop their support team of peers and adults. Equipped with expectations, goals, and support, every middle or junior high student can enjoy the benefits of activities that help them learn, stretch and grow.