College ConnectionsTM

A practical guidebook for the college freshman

New classes, new campus, new relationships, new responsibilities—the college experience is full of new challenges and opportunities. College Connections™ is a worthy companion on the freshman journey through this new world. Practical and versatile, College Connections™ capitalizes on existing strengths, equipping students to refine or develop important learning tools and personal skills. Relevant discussions and effective explorations include eight key topics.

  • The Differences Between High School and College
  • Your Brain and Learning
  • Managing Your Time
  • Listening and Taking Notes
  • Reading and Retaining
  • Writing and Research
  • Testing and Problem Solving
  • Campus Life

Ideal for orientation, seminars, and focus groups

College Connections™ is ideal for targeted transition supports. Comprehensive and easy to use, College Connections™ includes readings, discussion starters, and activities to facilitate effective study and personal skills development. With topically targeted chapters, College Connections™ is a practical, effective, and essential resource for all of your freshman transition efforts.

For individual student use

From living arrangements to course expectations, the rules of the game are much different than they were in high school. With an easy-to-read style and a practical approach to meeting the demands of college life, College Connections™ can be a ready guide to finding sustainable success in the college setting for the individual student.

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